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This is Cookie shortly before she passed. She had started to put on weight and then progress stopped when she refused to eat. Numerous tests were run. Blood tests, ultrasounds and diagnostics were performed to determine the root cause of her malnutrition.  Her gentle spirit and trusting heart will be missed. Our hearts are broken.

Date: Jan 09, 2014]]>
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<![CDATA[Cookie in the NC Shelter shortly after she was rescued (Cookie)]]> http://www.wagsrescue.com/happy-tails/rainbow-bridge/cookie/cookie2.jpg Cookie in the NC Shelter shortly after she was rescued

Starved nearly to death Cookie found her way to a shelter in NC. Shelter volunteers realized she was wavering between life and death. Taking swift action, Cookie was stabilized for transport and handed over to Pilots-n-Paws and flown to PA to be picked up by Wags.

Date: Jan 09, 2014]]>
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<![CDATA[Cookie before her Flight to Wags (Cookie)]]> http://www.wagsrescue.com/happy-tails/rainbow-bridge/cookie/cookie.jpg Cookie before her Flight to Wags

At Wags we believe EVERY life has value and is worth saving. Every attempt was made to nurse this sweet girl back to health. Though her progress was good at first, she was too weak to win her battle for life.

Date: Jan 09, 2014]]>
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