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This From Mirage's new Family


This summer a little boy was visiting our neighbors.He asked to come over and see Mirage. He asked why she had no eyes. I told him that its just the way God made her. He looked up at me as she was kissing him, and said..." I like her, she is just like me". He then held up his little hand , that happened to be missing four fingers....." The two of them ran off to play, neither caring what they were missing.....and all for the better....       

Date: Sep 25, 2013]]>
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Mirage came to Wags missing one eye due to a birth defect. Due to the same defect the other eye was suffering from chronic infection and it had to be removed as well. Wags found her wonderfull home where nothing slows her down. she goes on walks and follows the children around the house by scent alone. She also get lots of love and affection as well as gives sloppy dog kisses.

Date: Sep 25, 2013]]>
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