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From Desperation to Salvation! From Our friends at For the Love of Dogs:
Buttermilk her momma and siblings all found themselves in the Wilson NC pound When we ried to pull them Surprisingly officals at the pound did not wish to cooperate. Desperate to save thes sweet family Steve Uhas wrote letters to the newspaper and documented the chaos he had with Wilson Animal Control when trying to save Buttermilk and her siblings and her mother from the executionner. Sadly Buttermilk's mommy and siblings did not make it. Still Wilson Animal Control said this puppy was vicious and unadoptable. Determined to save Buttermilk from the same fate as the rest fo her family we fought to save her and when I went to pick her up, the staff wouldn't even go in the kennel and get her; they made me do it at my own risk. And look at her now! She was worth all of the effort! I just wish things weren't made so hard for rescuers in our county... The picture is Buttermilk now with one of her new family members. She was adopted through Wags! 

Date: Sep 25, 2013]]>
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