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It's been about 4 1/2 weeks and we are loving Josie. She has started to come into her own and is enjoying all the comforts of home. She is mellow, and also very much a terrier. She cuddles whenever possible, loves the toy basket full of toys which she immediately took ownership of, and interacts with our 7 yr old beagle, Iris, very nicely. She has set up a terrier observation station at our livingroom window and keeps tabs on the squirrels, birds, deer etc. And she does have big dog bark, which she has been using a bit more often these days as she gets more comfortable. We plan to reach out to a trainer about her skittishness with men and interaction with our house guests. Her skin allergies have greatly improved with proper food and fish oil supplement. Now you're all caught up.

We did some research online and saw the pictures of her situation at Looney Farm. The photos are heart wrenching. The work that WAGS and the Georgia rescue people do is a blessing for the dogs and for those of us who adopt them.

Thank you so much for helping Josie come into our lives.

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