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We adopted Izzie (formerly Isla) from Wags exactly 1 year ago today!
Since we don't know Izzie's birthday we celebrate her Adoptiversary
instead! She is now about a year and a half and definitely still has the
energy of a puppy! Izzie has been an amazing addition to our home. She
passed an intermediate and advanced training course. As long as we make
sure she has plenty of exercise and play time, she is well-behaved dog.
She knows all the basic commands as well as how to heel, roll over,
jump, leap over a pole, beg, play dead, and high five. She is such a
smart dog. We might try agility training with her this winter! She has
made a ton of doggie friends and she loves playing in the snow and the
water (as long as its shallow enough to stand in). We are so grateful
for all you do for these dogs and we can't see what the next year of
adventures with Izzie holds!

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