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In September of 2010, after having my wisdom teeth removed, we stopped by the PetsMart in Willow Grove, PA by chance, hoping to pick up some treats for our Siberian Husky, Prince. That day we left with more than some treats, we left with a tiny Doxie/Beagle mix named Garnet. The combination of my swollen chipmunk face from having my wisdom teeth removed and the sad puppy dog eyes from Garnet was too much for my mom to handle! Four years later, Garnet is a happy and healthy rescue, however, I’m concerned that she isn’t a dog. Garnet loves to be held like a baby and will even reach out for you if she wants you to hold her next. Garnet also has a bedtime around 10pm, if the bedroom door isn’t left open for her, she will cry and cry until you let her into the bedroom so she can curl up in a ball on the bed, mind you she has a doggy bed but much prefers the queen size bed! To add to Garnet’s lack of dog-like behavior, her favorite toys to play with are actually Webkinz stuff animals that she steals from me! And above all, Garnet actually loves to wear a sweater, if you come near her with her sweater, she starts jumping up and down and wagging her tail, needless to say she’s excited. But alas, I guess Garnet is a dog as she LOVES to bark at the mailman and anyone who comes within sight of our front steps. Garnet has adjusted to her new life as a cuddle bug extremely well, and I don’t think she would trade it for anything. This is one dog that LOVES to cuddle, even if you don’t want to! If you’re upset, Garnet is right there. She’s a special little girl and I’m so thankful to have her.

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